An Overview of What to Expect on a Trip to the Albena Resort.


With the encroaching civilizations and mountains of work and family duty, it has become even harder for humans to enjoy the most important things in their life. Nature and some time to themselves. It has become increasingly harder to find areas that are not polluted and those that offer services that ensure that you are able to make the most out of your trip. However, the Albena Resort in Bulgaria, is making its footprints in the tourism world and it is safe to say that they are quite significant. It features two of the most important aspects of any vacations and this is the great sun and magnificent clear blue beaches. 

General information. 

The Albena resort is one of the major Black Sea resorts that are located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria and is about 12 km from Balchik. To get to the resort, you can make your entrance through the Varna international airport which is about 30 km then make the rest of the way by road. You can rest assured that it is going to be quite a captivating and magnificent drive. 

The resort is strategically located to ensure that its visitors are able to enjoy the full glare of the sun and at the same time have direct access to the beach at all times. This particular resorts boasts of a beachline that is 5km long and about 150m wide with fine and clean sand which makes it a great place not only to go for a swim but also ideal for a simple romantic walk. 


Other than the direct access to the beach and the ability to give its visitors maximum sun hours, the Albena resort also has some pretty impressive features that are meant to ensure that the visitors are able to not only enjoy their stay but also be comfortable and make the most out of their visit. These features include spas and wellness centers as well as gyms and vast gardens that you can relax and enjoy the fine breeze. 

Climate and surrounding. 

The best features of the Albena resort have to be the climate and the picturesque surrounding. The resort is located in a very clean and ecological gulf with crystal clear and warm sea water that is quite calm. It is also a blue flag winning resort which makes it an ideal destination for those that appreciate nature and value what it has to offer. 

The hottest months in Albena begin at the end of May where the temperature hits about 20 degrees and continue rising all the way to about 25 degrees at the peak of the summer which is in September. The coldest month is October and the temperatures around this month dangle between 15 and 16 degrees. On average, the resort experiences about 12 degrees which makes it a must visit destination almost year round because of the stable and warm climate. 


While visiting most of the popular tourist destinations, one of the hardest things to get is a decent accommodation that is capable of meeting your standards and making your stay a flawless one. To ensure that you do not get any less, Albena has a couple of hotels in its resorts and the best part is, most of them are built and architecture in the same way to ensure that you regardless of where you are located, you are able to enjoy the same services and amenities. 

Even though the resort is purpose built and its development started in the 1960s, it has been able to maintain its natural surroundings while at the same time investing in its own miniature infrastructure complete with little dedicated trains that are scheduled to circulate along the routes of the resort. This makes getting around the resort quite simple and less expensive. 

To give its visitors plenty of diversity and variety, the resort features up to 43 hotels 1 campsite and 5 holiday villages to ensure that regardless of the kind of experience you are looking for, you are bound to find an accommodation to match. 

Sports and activities. 

If you are looking to sun bath and take a deep in the clear blue waters, then you would be severely underusing the services and activities that Albena has to offer. Among the rich array of activities that the resort has to offer include the water skiing, jets, bowling alleys, under water fishing, yachting, para sailing and so much more like horseback riding and even golfing. 

There are also other forms of entertainment that visiting tourists can get to enjoy and especially the cultural children’s fest, the coast of hope festival, the golden antenna festival of music and entertainment together with a variety of other symphony orchestras and other children’s contests. There is a little bit of everything for people of all ages to enjoy while visiting the Albena resort. 

For children, fun activities and places include the numerous amusement parks, water carting, mini-trains, fun fairs and even kid discos. 

Restaurants, eateries and bars. 

When you are touring, you would like to take your taste buds on a tour as well. While others might prefer to have their local cuisines in the areas that they are visiting, others would like to try out the different menus that their hosts have to offer. While visiting Albena, you do not have to worry about what you will eat. The resort offers a multitude of restaurants, taverns, cafes and fast foods joints that offer a variety of cuisines that include Indian, Bulgarian, Italian and even Chinese. 

The resort also has a number of bars and nightclubs for some night life and adult of fun. Their alcohol variety is as deep as their cuisines and offer quite on the menu for the visitor to choose from. 

Why Visit Albena?

Even though their deep plethora of variety and the fact that they have the sun and the beach which are the two most sort after aspects of nature might give you a good reason to visit this resort, there is one significant reason why this resort is a must visit. All the rooms in this resort not only have a full view of the sea but also the Baltata National Reserve which is a rare combination of the sea shore and the dense wet forest. In case you need further interpretation, this means you get a to-die for view, plenty of clean and fresh air with unlimited access to the beach. 

If you are looking for the perfect place to go for your vacation, where you do not have to worry about your accommodation, with plenty of sports and activities, wide range of food and drinks not to mention a magnificent beach and unlimited sun, the Albena is the perfect place for you.